15 Ways To Get Washboard Abs, Without Doing A Sit Up

I could’ve called this post, “Get rid of belly fat” or “Lose stomach fat fast,” but I settled on the washboard abs line because why go half way?  Life wasn’t meant for half ways.  It was meant for the full monty.  So, get yourself washboard abs by doing 15 simple things, as much as you can.

Here’s our get-a-six-pack list —

Cut out the salt —

eat less salt

Salt bloats you like the Goodyear blimp.

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Cut out the sugar.  If soda is your problem, AVOID IT.

soda is the devil

See…soda is the devil.

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Cut out the carbs —  (Supposedly, this will also make you less hungry.)

cut out carbs

Guuuurl, you gonna pay.

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Add fiber.  If you poop it out, it won’t stay around your waist.  (At least that’s my theory.) —

flax seed fiber

Just put this on everything…

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Stay away from processed food and meats —

processed foods

Just say no!

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Eat more protein.  It fills you up and leans you down —

eat lean protein

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Avoid alcohol and caffeine —

drink less alcohol and caffeine

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Sleep 7 hours, because it cuts back on cravings —

sleep 7 to 8 hours a night

“I don’t know why these humans don’t know how to sleep. I know how to sleep.”


Eat small meals, but stay within your calorie intake (oh and here’s where you can find your calorie intake)!

eat small meals

Think small for tight abs.

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Short high bursts of energy, cardiovascular exercise (You know, interval train.) —

cardio to lose stomach fat

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Snack on dill pickles.  They have 1 calorie per slice.  (Men’s fitness told me about that and I didn’t believe it.  So, here’s the proof on the jar I have at home.  Mine looks more like 5 cals a slice, but still!) —

dill pickles are great snacks

Eat off smaller dinner plates —

eat off small plates

I’ll have my dinner off this saucer, please.

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Lift.  I’ve read lift and than do cardio, but you’ve got to lift, regardless and this goes for the ladies too! —

lift weights to lose stomach fat

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Build in a cheat day —

cheat day

Not that kind of cheating! We mean have a Snickers.

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Get on the scale.  Daily.  —

get on scale daily

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That’s it!  Follow all of that and you should be able to bounce a quarter off your mid-section in no time.

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