Bra Hacks For The Working Girl

Every “working girl” needs a bra. Every working girl needs some bra hacks. Because bras – while necessary – are almost as uncomfortable as high heels. So, you need some ideas to set your ta-tas right.

working girl

Thank you, working girl!  Now, here’s our list of super helpful bra hacks!

1.  Use a paperclip to make a racerback bra —

razorback bra

2.  Use a pantyliner to fix that unruly underwire and if anyone asks, it’s no one’s business where you put your menstrual accessories —

maxipad to fix bra

3.  If your lady parts are killing your back, try a gel shoulder pad that slips right on to your bra or tank top strap.  Never mind what people think, you’re a lady ninja with your see-through gel pads.

gel shoulder pad for support

4.  Use a salad spinner to dry your bras.  Just remember to take those bras out before you have company over.

how to dry your bra

5.  Drill a hook into your wood hanger and hang your bras hanger by hanger to save on space.


diy bra display rack

Watch the video for more tremendous DIY bra hacks.  After all, you’re worth it.

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