Build Your Own Garage Without Hammering A Nail

The dream garage.  Everyone wants one.  Typically, it’s 2 car with enough extra room for a workspace, workout area, play/recreation room and man cave.  Something like this —

man cave garage

via home depot

But, what if you don’t have a garage at all and want to build one on?  Hire a contractor and it’ll cost you anywhere between $10,000 and $38,000.  So, why do that…when you can always build your own garage.

Here are some easy ways to do it without ever lifting a hammer —

1.  Throw a tent up and drive your car into it.

awesome tent

You should be able to drive at least a Fiat right into this…

via pricegrabber

2.  Buy something off Amazon or Sears and put it together with those tiny, Ikea-like wrenches.  Sure it’ll be more like a shed, but you can fit your tools in there and probably even a keg.

build your own shed

Buy me and Build me

3.  Or get a little more fanciful and build your own tiny house in your backyard.  Live out of that and rent out the big house to pay your mortgage AND new garage build.


build your own backyard writing space

You so need to buy this book.

4.  Steal a carport canopy.  Okay, sure it’s not “build your own,” but it also doesn’t require a hammer.

carport canopy

Thanks for building this because I’m about to walk off with it.

via best b2b

5.  Actually build the garage.  Alright, this is going to require a hammer.  But, check out this guy’s incredibly informative DIY garage build from concrete pouring to framing.  Then when your done with that you can start on your own home gym.


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