Dangerous Tech Ideas That Might Get You Killed

I love progress.  Progress is great, but sometimes I think to myself, “What the hell are we doing?”

For example, do we all need to “check in” on facebook and let the world know where we are and where we have been at all times?  Maybe it’s the “safety first” lady side of me, but all I can think is, “Great, you just told that murderous stalker following you, exactly where to go and pick you off.”  And that’s the problem.  With every advancement, there’s Silk Road.  With every move forward, there’s something nefarious that could probably be done with that exact same technology.

So, let’s discuss them.  Here are the dangerous tech ideas that I think we should think about as we try and use them for good…you know, just in case —

Geo-location.  Good for finding you if you’re lost or kidnapped, but wackos can probably use it just as easily as the police.  Sigh.

geo location is it safe

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Virtual reality.  It’s amazing to think of the possibilities for this tech device.  I mean, what can be done with robotics, gaming, and outer space alone are reasons enough to make this happen.  But, when you use it you’re also cutting off all of your senses.  Think about what could happen when you’re in a room with other people while you’re mentally immersed in other worlds.  Distraction is often the key to getting bamboozled.  Think about it, you’re wearing this ridiculous headset and that’s when they might stab you.  I’m just saying, it could happen.

virtual reality

“No, really, I’m totally aware of my surroundings in this thing.”

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Self driving cars.  Sure, this seems like a fantastic idea.  Until someone hacks into the car that’s driving me or you to work and programs it to drive into the side of a cliff.

google self driving cars

“No, really, you can totally trust me.”

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Social media.  Yes, it is democratizing.  Gone are the days of gatekeepers controlling who makes it and who doesn’t.  Yet, the other side of social media is a) how bullying can get out of control and b) how there’s no one -specific- to punch in the face.  Sure, I’m against violence, but if one kid is picking on another kid and a big group of stupid kids are about to jump in and join the bully, at least -in a face to face situation- the victim kid has the option of physically defending himself.  Not when it comes to social media.  It’s hard to defend yourself online against an anonymous bully.  Just like it’s hard to fight terrorism when it’s all over the place and not one specific country.

cyber bullying

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Craigslist and online dating.  Okay, I have relatives that have met and married through online dating.  Truly, online dating is a must-do in today’s day and age, but you’re still setting yourself up with someone you don’t know, who might not have the best intentions in mind.  Best of the worst case scenario, you get catfished.  Worst of the worst case scenario, well, you know.

catfished online dating

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Of course, you CAN be safe.  Turn off your geo location when necessary.  Engage in virtual reality when you’re around those you trust.  Tell someone where you’re going when you meet a blind date, etc.  All of these things are common sense safeguards.  Lord knows, it’s not our position to be all doom and gloom at howtominute, but we do think while we give you daily great hacks, it’s also important to THINK about the tech you’re using from time to time.

What do you think?  Did we miss any our readers should know about?  Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.







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