How To Fold A Fitted Sheet In Under 1 Minute

There are so many “how to fold a fitted sheet” videos on Youtube.  What’s amazing to me is that some of these videos are 10 minutes long?  Who has that much time to learn something as ridiculous as folding a fitted sheet?  For god’s sake, just ball it up, toss it in the closet and go learn French with the extra 9 minutes I’m about to give you back.

Because that’s all your need like a mini-minute to learn how to fold a fitted sheet.

Here we go —

Step 1 —  Hold that baby like a hammock.

how to fold a fitted sheet

Step 2 —  Fold both ends into the middle…

how to fold a fitted sheet

Step 3 — Fold it halfway across and halfway across again.

how to fold a fitted sheet

Step 4 — Now, take the oblong shape and make it into more of a compact square.  (Oh lord, just use your instincts if that doesn’t make any sense!  It’s a sheet for god’s sake!  We’ve spent too much time on this already.)

how to fold a fitted sheet

That’s it.  Watch the video for great insights like, “make the sheet into what looks like a salsa skirt”.  Truly, if you can’t fold a fitted sheet after this…we can’t help you.

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