Oversized Tables and Chairs Make This Park Better Than Disney

Remember Edith Ann?  Well, maybe you don’t.  But, if you’re a pop culture fanatic, like me, you’re going to want to know who she is/ was.  Welp, she was a toddler girl played by Lilly Tomlin in the 1970s on Sesame Street and it’s a pure classic.  Check it out below.


So, why am I going down retro-Jim-Henson lane?  Because there’s this great park installation in SF that you should see.  It’s made up of Edith Ann-esque, oversized tables and chairs and from the looks on peoples’ faces…it’s a hit.

oversized tables and chairs

A dining room set you can walk all over…

via makezine

When you think about it, most art is DIY.  I mean, no company is really going to say — hey, let’s get involved in Betsy from Peroria’s paper mache project this weekend.  Unless, of course, your Pearl Paint or Michael’s or Home Depot and you supply the raw materials for that kind of thing.

Bottom-line is, I’m including this because I want it to inspire you to go out and make something.  Oh and if you have something cool that you’ve made and you want me to write a post about it on this high traffic site (with links back to your stuff, of course), then email it to me, here: howtominute@gmail.com.  If I like what you’re doing, I can assure you, I’ll do a big profile on it.

Have fun and keep making stuff.  Oh and let these big-assed chairs inspire you.


over-sized tables

via makezine

maker faire oversized tables and chairs

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maker faire sf

Get inspired…

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