Pool Noodle Life Hacks You May Never Need, But Should Know

Oh, the pool noodle! What a strange and yet, strangely satisfying piece of pool equipment. So, where did the pool noodle come from?

It turns out…Canada! Masters of hockey and apparently, the pool noodle.

How did they come to be? A young Canadian named Steve Hartman, made them as a “way to fill joints before caulking for the construction industry.” Steve would bring these rods home and they’d end up in his pool. He noticed that his kids loved playing with them and decided to sell ’em as a pool toy. The rest is history.

the invention of the pool noodle

Isn’t it cool when something starts as something else, but ends up where it was always meant to be? ‘Cause you know, Viagra was originally a heart medication…

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With that being said, you’ve gotta wonder if the pool noodle can be used for anything else, you know, like outside the pool.  Well, Crazy Russian Hacker is at it again and he says, “Yes!”

Here is a highlighted list of other crazy (and yet, genius) ideas for the pool noodle —

A funnel from faucet to bucket —

pool noodle uses

Make a ghetto door jamb or wedge –

pool noodle life hacks

To hold your fishing rods in place —

life hacks pool noodle

To make a bigger and better hanger, so your clothes don’t fall off —

pool noodle hacks

To keep your boots all nice… LOL! —

crazy uses for pool noodles

And there are so many more.  Watch, Crazy Russian Hacker’s video for all of them —

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