How To Downgrade Your Self-Esteem

You know how it goes.  Things are looking up.  In the basketball game of life, it feels like you can’t miss a shot.  You’re good.  You’re really good.  Almost too good.  Because when you’re too good, the fall is gonna come.  You’re going to send one too many #humblebrags.  You’re going to irritate those you love with your over confidence and man, your britches…they’re getting way too small.

too big for your britches

These are your britches, people, and your getting way too big for yours.

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Time to downgrade your self-esteem.  Now, why would you want to come down a peg when you’re flying that high?

Well, Jim Paul, might be one reason.  He’s the man who wrote the book, “What I Learned Losing a Million Dollars” and Paul feels he lost that million because “pride got to his head”.  So, don’t lose yours, especially if you haven’t even made it yet.  Deflategate that ego now!  Before it’s too late!

what I learned losing a million dollars

Sidenote: Buy this book too! It’s an awesome read.

So, HOW do you come down a peg before it’s too late?  Easy, search your pictures on  It’s Bing’s face recognition app that tries to guess your age.  For me, it did okay — 33, 35, 35, and (ugh!) 44!  But, for most people it’s WAY off like the poor, young guy whose age came in at 81! Time for a rejuvenating, mud-hot-springs bath, my friend! Lol.

Anyway, watch this video and learn everything you need to know about and use it…if you need a good ego bashing.

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