Summer Hot Dog Hack, The Spiral-Cut

So, it turns out you’ve been grilling your hot dogs all wrong! If you cut your wiener into a nice, artsy, spiral you’ll get an even better tasting dog.  Why does it taste better, you might ask? Because the coil allows more of the hot dog to hit the grill, which leads to more surface area for caramelization and thus, more flavor!

Here’s an easy step-by-step for this awesome, summer, hot dog hack —

1.  Skewer that dog with a kebab stick —

spiral-cut hot dog hack

2.  Cut it with one, continuous, spiral cut —

make the best hot dogs

3.  Stretch your slinky dog and admire your work —

how to grill hot dogs

4.  Grill it!

best hot dogs

5.  Add your favorite toppings…

hot dog toppings

6.  …and enjoy!

spiral cut hot dogs

Watch the video for full details on making the best hot dog of your life! (Click here.)



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