How To Survive A Plane Crash

Sure, being in a plane crash, it’s a totally unnatural fear, but that doesn’t mean we still don’t go through the motions. You’re more likely to die in a car crash everyone says. So, what are the actual odds of surviving a plane crash or even being in one? Common answers are 1 in 11 million. But, then I found this guy who says the odds are higher, the more you fly. Makes sense, right? He says statistically, they’re more like:

10 flights = 1 in 27,041
100 flights = 1 in 2,704
200 flights = 1 in 1,352

Alright, well, if that’s true. We’d better learn some techniques, just in case.

So, let’s go. Here are some highlights on how to survive a plane crash —

aisle seats plane crashes

When they say “proper clothing,” they don’t mean parachute pants.  They mean, anything that won’t catch on fire.  Flame retardant is what you need to think for plane crash survival.

Forget resting your head on the window, it turns out another key to survival is AISLE SEATS.  People sitting in them survive more frequently.

how to survive a plane crash

wash cloth for smoke inhalation

I don’t know who is this prepared to fly, but if you can remember…throw a wet wash cloth into a ziploc baggie.  Then if the plane fills with smoke you can put it over your nose and mouth, if you didn’t check your bag that is.   Otherwise, just use your clothing.

escaping a plane on fire

This diagram represents, “run like hell.”  That’s the advice for if you ever survive a plane crash because the plane is gonna blow.  Unless you land in the water like Flight 1549, then float like hell.

how to survive a plane crash

Last, but not least — it seems like the people in the back of the plane are more likely to survive.

survive a plane crash

Except, of course, if that’s the part of the plane that the pilots hit when crash landing like that Korean Air flight.  Bottom-line, just sip a cocktail, put your head in your lap and pray like everyone else.

For more detailed details, like -for example- what constitutes flame retardant clothing, watch the video.

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