10 Things You Can Make in a Mug in the Microwave

So, there’s a Buzzfeed video trending right now (shocking, when is a Buzzfeed video NOT trending) and it’s about how to make a microwave cheesecake in a -you guessed it- mug.

How did the mug become the perfect cooking device for the microwave?  I have no idea, but I think it started with an egg.  It got me thinking, what else can be made in the microwave besides eggs and cheesecake.  Well, here’s your answer.

Let me present…10 things you can make in a mug in the microwave —

1.  Okay, it’s eggy, but I thought we should start slowly.  The breakfast quiche!

quiche made in microwave

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2.  Mac and cheese!  Dude, who does not like mac and cheese?  Answer: no one.

microwave mac n cheese

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3.  This amazing looking chocolate chip cake in a mug.

cake made in microwave

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4.  Summer means street fairs and street fairs mean Mexican Street Corn!

mexican street corn in a mug

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5.  Um, roasted tomato soup with grilled cheddar IN A MUG!!!

soup in microwave in mug

Don’t freakout microwave people. I think the tinfoil and baking pan are just for show.

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6.  OMG. Chicken pot pie in a damn mug!@!!@  Bring it.

microwave chicken pot pie

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7.  Green tea mud cake in a mug.  Ew or yum, depending upon your love of green tea.  (Come on, you knew this was gonna get weird.)

green tea mud cake mug

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8.  Classy nachos!!!  Mug it up, Mexico-style!

nachos microwave mug

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9.  French toast in a mug!!!

french toast in a mug

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And of course, the ultra trendy, so trendy it’s trending — Oreo cheesecake in a mug —



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