Baker Accepts Challenge To Make Pugloaf!

All I can say after witnessing this pug-like loaf of bread known as the “pugloaf” is never challenge a baker.


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Apparently, the gauntlet was thrown on the site, Bored Panda, when someone showed up with a “catloaf”.  Behold.

baker makes catloaf

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My biggest questions about the pugloaf were — a) what was used to make the eyes and snout?  (Answer: edible dusts) and b) how do you bear to cut into something so cute?

Apparently, this baker had no trouble with that last one —

bake bread

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It got me thinking, just what other types of incredible things have bakers made?  It seems to me that animal shaped bread just might be a trend.

Here are the results of that very question —


bread baked to look like chickadees

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Oh dear god.  Emojis gone very wrong.

baking disasters

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I mean, I don’t know what this is, but I know I like it.

funny cake

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Beary cute bread.

bear shaped bread

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Frogs legs even a picky eater would enjoy.

frog shaped bread

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