How To Tie A Bow Tie

I was just talking the other day about how I love a good bow tie!

Regular ties, love ’em, bow ties…LOVE ‘EM EVEN MORE.

Cowboy ties, not so much.

cowboy tie string tie

No. This is just lazy. Why not simply tie a string around your neck? Oh, wait. That’s what you did.

via theaterhouse

I mean look at how cute this bow tie is…

super cute bow tie

Stop it! Cuteness overload!! Cuteness overload!!

via hellojack

So, how does one tie a bow tie?  Glad you asked.  This picture gives you a pictoral step-by-step.

how to tie a bow tie

via ellabing

But, if you’re like me…that probably still didn’t make it clear.  Really, you need a “how to tie a bow tie for dummies” type tutorial.  If that’s the case, try this detailed walk through from Thomas Pink.


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