How To Wake Up Earlier

Listen, you need to get up earlier.  You’re always rushing around and that makes you look out of control.  You want to look IN control, right?  Then you need to get up earlier.  You’re an adult.  You can do it.

Okay, maybe you’ve tried getting up earlier before and failed.  So, we’re here to help.  We’re going to show you how to wake up earlier and WHY this just might change your life.

First the advantages of being an early riser —

1.  you get more accomplished

2.  it’s quiet early in the morning and you can think

3.  most people experience increased creativity early in the morning

4.  you’ve done some stuff before other people have done some stuff and that puts you in the lead

That’s great and all, but HOW do you get up early.  How do you accomplish something so seemingly strenuous when -really- you’re a night owl?

wake up early

“I’d love to get up right now, but this is when bed feels the best. So, I’m jumping back in…”

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We know it’s tough.  So, here’s how you get it done and switch yourself from a night owl to an early bird.

1.  Go to sleep earlier.  (Even if you have to read until you feel tired, get in that bed.)

2.  Put the alarm clock further away from you, so you won’t always hit snooze.

3.  Start with 15 min increments.  If you’re really having trouble getting up…get up 15 mins earlier and everyday increase it 15 mins from there.

4.  Take a cold shower.  That will wake you right up.

5.  Have something that really motivates you.

On that last one, “have something that really motivates you” — this is the trick that works the best for me.  I get up at 530am most mornings to write this blog, as I have a day job and like to get it done before I go in.  I’m really motivated by this website as a side business and that’s what gets me going.

For more tips on how to get going and wake up early, check out this great video by Art of Manliness.

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