How to Make a Human Slingshot

What is it with slingshots?  We love ’em.  Combine a slingshot with any kind of propulsion power and you’ve got a winner for the summer fun time award.  Remember last week we profiled the pvc pipe, water balloon slingshot / sky blaster.  That was balls on amazing, right?

Well today we want to show you what a slip and slide, a launch ramp and an inner tube can do.

We’re going to show you how to make a human slingshot.

Now, of course the video itself doesn’t really show you HOW.  But, it does show your amazingness of the slip and slide / slingshot combo.

From what we can figure out, it looks like a big slip and slide with a launch ramp was made down a hill leading into a lake.  At the opposite side of the lake, a bungee cord is attached to the back of a pickup truck.  The end of the bungee is attached to a raft or inner tube and then stretched across the lake.  It’s held by two people.  The third victim, oops, I mean person, gets in the tube and then the two let go, at which point all hell and physics breaks loose.

Watch and see for yourself.  It’s pretty incredible.

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