What Is A Rocket Stove & How To Make One

I had never heard of a rocket stove until recently.  I wish I could say I was out hiking the pacific coast trail and came upon a group cooking off one, but no such luck.  I discovered it through a Youtube video.

Plus, the rocket stove I’m talking about making requires cinder blocks.  Who in the hell is going to carry cinder blocks up the Pacific Coast trail?

So, what is a rocket stove?

It’s basically a stove that involves a chimney and combustion.

The kicker is you can make this chimney and combustion system easily out of either cinder blocks (the easier way) or bricks.  Today, we’ll show you both methods to make your own rocket stove.

Here’s an example of the cinder block rocket stove —

rocket stove

via fabartdiy

And here’s a video tutorial on how to make a cinder block rocket stove —

If you want something that looks a little prettier, but I think is a little more of an involved construction project, than try the brick rocket stove —

I have to say, if you don’t want to buy a barbecue, this really seems like a workable alternative and bonus, no propane!

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