The Agony & The Ecstasy of Organizing Your Garage

There’s something about garage organization that is so satisfying.  So much so that I watched this whole video that claims to have “40 awesome ideas to organize your garage”.  The video does, indeed, provide lots of inspiration and food for thought when taking on your garage DIY project.

For one, I love this guy’s idea of slide-stacking your tool organization.  It’s perfect.

garage storage

Here’s another great sliding, tool storage idea —

organize your tools

Another thing I know for sure about maxing out any garage is you’ve got to build up.  You need to store those “I hardly ever use” things up on high.

ceiling garage storage

The roof is also a great place for those way too big items like fishing rods or a kayak —

fishing rod storage


For way too small items like nails and screws, put ’em in see through jars and you might actually find what you’re looking for next time —

store your nails and screws

One of my favorite up-on-high ideas for organizing your garage…make a runner for crate storage —

crate storage garage

Oh and if you have a weird shaped tool, you could always get out your Jig Saw and make a custom holder for it —

So, here’s a great video with 40 more amazing garage storage and organization ideas to get you fired up.


Oh and hey, for those of you that don’t have a garage, you can always build your own.

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