7 Back-to-School Handmade Backpacks for Your Unique Kid

Backpacks.  I’ve almost always carried one.  As a kid and right through adulthood, living in Manhattan, there was always a pack on my back.  They’re so convenient!  But, they can also look very BOOOOOORING!!!!  Why do that to your kid when we live in the internet world of beautiful handmade goods?  After all, your kid is special, like a snowflake, why shouldn’t his or her backpack be?

With that in mind, I’ve put together this list of 7 handmade backpacks that will make your kid look like Versace at a homeless shelter.  (By comparison -of course- and no, he or she shouldn’t tell the other kids that.  This is just between us.)

So, let us begin.  There’s this awesome backpack that’s also a lunch box — (Though, maybe skip sending your kid off to school with beer…just saying.  Not a good start.)

cooler backpack

via etsy

There’s this backpack made by a sweet, hippie artist, in case your kid is going to school somewhere that looks like the “Sound of Music” —

handmade backpack

via theorion

This adorable bag you can sew yourself in case you have to send your kid of to Martha Stewart’s academy.  Does she have an academy?  —

sew your own backpack

via craftsy

The backpack that tells the world your kid is a, “HOOT” —

owl backpacks

via joy2knit

The super fashionable, could be an elegant backpack, could be a pod-for-an-alien-baby bag —

high fashion backpack

via etsy

The “because sometimes grown men have to go to school” backpack —

man backpack

via babble

The “I have nothing to hide” school bag.  Also known as the “OMG, your kid is so smart they’re reading Newsweek” bag —

clear backpack

via etsy

Bonus:  backpack for your child’s therapy hamster.  Well, because it’s tough out there and we all need a therapy animal from time to time.  Good luck in school!

mini backpack

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