Custom Leather Belt Rigs & Other Around the Waist Packs for the Prepared Geek

This guy on Reddit claims he has no idea what he’s doing and then proceeds to make the most banging, gorgeous, belt rig you’ve ever seen.  It holds a flashlight, a leatherman and a pen.  Oh, and you know how we feel about the leatherman at howtominuteexhibit A, exhibit B.

Leather working seems like an ultra satisfying past time.  This project was even done without any stitching.  Everything is simply held together with screws.

custom leather belt rig

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It may not be the part every builder likes, but before you get started, you’ve always got to sketch out your idea.

blueprint leather working

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At first, I had trouble understanding just how this attaches to one’s belt.  But, now it seems to me that the rig opens and the belt goes through there.

tool belt holder

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And here’s what the belt rig looks like before the oil and dye process.

oil and dye leather

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Satisfying, isn’t it?  Makes me wonder where I can get one.  Well, the rig may not be advertised anywhere, but you can get some great looking packs and tool belts from Etsy.

Here’s a straight up, leather tool belt —

tool belt

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Here’s one called more of a “leather utility belt” with a look that’s more unisex and totally awesome —

leather utility belt

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This one is known as the gypsy hip back —

gypsy hip bag

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There’s the tool belt pouch / man bag.  Not sure how many dudes out there could pull this one off, but I bet there’s one it works for —

man bag

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That’s it.  So, whether you make your own or commission a handmade model there are plenty of options to expierence the “hands free carry” way of living.  Waist packs or fanny packs, leather tool belt rigs, belt packs, utility belts, pick your poison and strap it on.  It’s the only way to travel light.


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