Did You Know Ketchup Cups are Beautiful Accordions of Elegance?

You’ve been using ketchup cups all wrong.  Yes, you have and I don’t know how you’ve gone on as a living, breathing, human adult who uses ketchup cups like an a-hole.

Thank Gorbachev that the CrazyRussianHacker is here to stop us from hurting ourselves.  We LOVE CrazyRussianHacker, here at howtominute, yes we do.  We’ve profiled him many times like here and here.  He’s so funny and yet you learn something that, maybe, you didn’t even need to know.  It’s awesome.

Today, Mr. RussianHacker takes us through the beautiful design elegance that is “ketchup cups”.  Did you know that ketchup cups are the murphy beds of condiment holders?  I betchya didn’t.  Well, right now, all is to be revealed —

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