How to Make a Foldable Kayak

Origami is useful for so man things.  Paper wallets, cranes and elephant figurines and bringing things to space.  No really, they use lots of origami folds to get things into space in a compact way.  Today, my favorite new Youtube DIY guy, Rulof, is going to show us how to make a foldable kayak.

Now I’m not saying you’re going to run out and make a foldable kayak, but -regardless- it’s a truly amazing thing to watch.  Right alongside, making an “ice bike“.  Sure, it falls under the category of “things I’m never going to make,” but that doesn’t mean I don’t like watching it get done.  Plus, look at the joy on Rulof’s face as he paddles the thing!

foldable kayak

I think you’ll find it pretty amazing too and as such, let this “how to make a foldable kayak” video inspire your weekend crafts and building projects.  Let the games begin.

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