Make Your Own Minions

Forget millions.  You need to learn how to make minions!!  So, what are minions?  They’re the lovable, gibberish talking, yellow characters from Despicable Me and everyone (children and adults alike) loves ’em.  Weird Twitter loves them.  Minion memes get made on the daily all over the internet…

minion meme

via pinterest

funny minion meme

via pinterest

Chances are if you’ve got a kid (or a snarky adult) in your general vicinity they would LOVE a minion toy.  But, why go out and buy one when you can make your very own minion with this easy and fun How to Make Minions tutorial.

You’re not going to need much:  a Kinder Surprise for the body, some sticky google eyes and other odds and ends you most likely have lying around the house.

kinder surprise minion

Give the video a watch and start making your minion army now.  I know I’m going to.  Fuuuuuuun.



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