7 Japanese Dollar Store Items That Will Make You a Convert

Have you seen the new Japanese Dollar Store taking over America?  It’s called Diaso and there is one in Washington and one in Chino Hills, CA.  There may be more, but those are the two that I know of.  So, what is it about this new Japanese Dollar Store —

Well, there are two heroes here at Howtominute

They are…

kate gosselin bear grylls

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That’s right, Kate Gosselin and Bear Grylls are our mascots because we love a Leatherman as much as a good trip to the Container Store.  Now, if only we could get these two to marry.

Today’s post focuses mainly on the Kate side of Howtominute’s personality.  Now, we don’t know if Kate would ever shop at the American Dollar Store.  She’s become way too A-list for that, but we DO think she’d take a spin through Daiso.  Daiso being the Japanese Dollar Store that is crushing the Yankee version like Bambi meets Godzilla.

bambi meets godzilla

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I mean, just look at this stuff.  It’s so cool.  So well designed.  So much better than the cheap-o American stuff and -BONUS- it only costs .50 cents more.  Everything in the store is a $1.50.

plateware daiso

Look at this! You can populate an entire kitchen with good looking plate ware for a fraction of what it would cost anywhere else.


#1:  DISHES —  Not just crappy dishes that look like Odd-Lot or some other discount store threw them out, but cute stuff people would think you paid a fortune for!

#2:  Wrapping paper! — Below you’ll find adorable wrapping paper.  Daiso can charge only a $1.50 for this cute stuff because it doesn’t contain that cardboard inner tube!

wrapping paper daiso

#3:  Cuter than cute bookends for a dorm room or kids room OR a funky home office.

bookeneds daiso

#4:  Food containers — colorful, beautiful food containers!

food containers

#5:  Containers, containers, containers — for that woman who has just a little bit of Kate inside of her and LOVES to be hyper organized.

containers organize

#6:  Garden balls.  I don’t know what in the heck you use these for and yet…I want some!

garden balls

#7:  $1.50 dog bowls!!  These have little ‘bumpers’ inside in case your dog eats to fast.  C’mon, these would be so expensive at Petco!

dog bowl

If you don’t live near Chino Hills or Washington, you can shop online at Daiso.  It doesn’t feel like the same thing, though.  This just might be something you have to get out and do.  So, until a Daiso, Japanese Dollar Store moves in near you enjoy this Daiso tour from Youtuber, Aunt Karen.  I know I did.


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