Guy Makes Pickle Barrel Boat & Squeezes the Last Bit of Dill Outta Summer

Need some inventive DIY in your life? How about making a pickle barrel boat? Or you can sit in the luxury of your apartment or home with the a/c running and watch this guy do it. Either way.

What I like about this DIY is that it start out as a simple idea that doesn’t quite work.

Guy takes 1 pickle barrel and makes pickle barrel boat —

diy pickle barrel boat

As you can see from “exhibit A” here, there was a bit of a problem with weight and buoyancy.

pickle boat fail

But, that doesn’t stop our pickle boat builder.  Oh no.  He goes back to the drawing board and comes up with something like this pickle boat right outta Star Wars —

diy boat extreme

It’s totally satisfying to watch him fail and then re-think his design and WIN.  But, this time he went from building a tiny house to a skyscraper or a pickle boat to a pickle boat destroyer!

Watch both companion videos below and revel in this pickle boat evolution!  It’s amazing!


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