11 Pinterest Craft Ideas You’re Going to Want to Try

I love a craft idea where I can look at a picture and know exactly what I’m doing without a huge tutorial.  That’s my speed.  I want a one-glance craft.  The below craft ideas pretty much accomplish that.  You take one look and you just know.  I also tend to enjoy the more insane Pinterest crafts.  You’ll see a few of these included, as well, because -hey- if you’re going to spend time crafting why not also have a giggle or two?  The crafts included in the below list (w/ the exception of 1 or 2) are all really great for kids, as well.   So, with that said, here are 11 awesome Pinterest craft ideas you’re going to want to try!

1.  Cookie basket made from a paper plate —

More of an adult craft, but -c’mon- how many times have you wanted to bring a homemade gift somewhere and you ended up spending more money on the box than the ingredients in the dessert??!!  That’s why this cookie basket is so great.

cookie basket made from paper plate

via pinterest

2.  Funky, gold letters —

Okay, I have some of these lying around the house.  I have to say, I don’t use them very much because they’re pretty kidsy-looking.  However, paint ’em gold and suddenly they become funky letters that you can use to leave your teens messages or better yet, to help them decorate a dorm room.

alphabet magnet upcycle

via pinterest

3.  Milk jug upcycle —

I’ve actually done this upcycle before.  I love this one that creates a neat holder for supplies, but you can also use a milk or water jug to collect all your plastic bags in one place.  If you still live in an area that allows plastic bags!

milk jug upcycle

via pinterest

4.  Pumpkin spice soap —

Okay, I’ve NEVER been one for making soap.  It just looks SOOOOO complicated, but this pumpkin spice soap step-by-step claims it can be made in 10 mins.  This is also not a “one-glancer” as mentioned above.  However, fall is in the air!  And nothing reminds me of fall more than pumpkin spice everything.  So, I decided to add it to the list.

pumpkin spice soap

via pinterest

5.  Kid lava lamp —

Also, not a total “one-glancer,” BUT I’ve written about this super fun lab experiment you can do with your kids before and really, it’s one of the easier projects.  Just a few minutes and a few simple ingredients and your kids will be oooohhhhhing and awwwwwing all over the place.  Oh and HERE’S the FULL TUTORIAL.

kid lava lamp

via pinterest

6.  Super creative kid’s diner —

I mean, sometimes you see something so creative all you can think is, “Wow, that’s a great parent.”  That’s what I thought when I saw Nora’s Diner made out of an old armoire.

diy kid's diner

via pinterest

7.  Melted Crayola wall art —

I really looked into this one to see exactly what they were making, but to no avail.  All I can discern is that it’s wall art.  Wall art made by affixing crayolas to some foam board and melting them with a blow dryer.  Messy, but pretty awesome.

crayola wall art

via pinterest

8.  Cheetos and cream shower caps —

Dear god, what is happening in this picture?  Lol.  Honestly, that’s what made me include it.  It reminded me of something I would’ve done with my own mother.  It sounds like what you do is don a shower cap and then lather that shower cap in shaving cream.  Then you run around while your friend throws cheese doodles in the air.  You, are trying to catch those cheese doodles in your creamy cap.  Crazy?  Yes.  Insanely fun?  Double yes.

shower cap game

via pinterest

9.  Marshmallow shooters —

I found this one through Pinterest, which we all know can be a deep dark hole of crafting-mania.  Again, it’s a one-glancer.  Easy to see how to make it and easy to see how it would be fun for the kids.

diy marshmallow shooters

via 36thavenue

10.  Kid-sized foosball —

In this life, it’s best to teach your kids bar games early.  Lol.  I’m totally kidding.  Truth is, it’s hard to find foosball in a bar anymore.  Foosball, air hockey or an awesomely sawdusted up shuffle board table — these are things EVERY kid should try.  Here’s how to make a cheap and easy foosball game for your kids.

diy foosball

via pinterest

11.  Insane-looking snowy owl —

This just looks crazy and totally fun.  Cotton and a pine cone.  That’s what we’ve got here.  Cotton and a pine cone.  Oh and a set of googly eyes and who in the heck doesn’t like googly eyes!

pine cone craft

via pinterest

Hope you enjoy making these crafts as much as we did writing about them.  Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and tell us all about what you made.


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