How to Prevent Ice Cream Drips From Dribbling All Over Your Armani

Okay, maybe you’re not wearing Armani.  Maybe it’s Armani Express.  Either way, you don’t want to drip and dribble ice cream all over it, do you?  You want to prevent ice cream from melting all over beautiful you.

Thankfully, this incredible and awe inspiring hack from Instructables is coming to the rescue.

It looks like you simply mush a mini-marshmallow down at the bottom of the cone.  At least, I think that’s a mini-marshmallow.  Instructables never says.  It could be a small boric acid pill or a tooth.  We’ll never know for sure, but for now, let’s assume it’s a mini-marshmallow.

prevent ice cream drips

Now, the other thing I don’t get is what causes this mini-marshmallow magic?  Does the electromagnetic force from the marshmallow cause all the ice cream dreams to sucked into the center of the cone like a dairy vortex?  Is the mini-marshmallow the polyurethane of the ice cream world?  Ew.  But, you get the picture, I’d like to know the science behind this mini-marshmallow hack.

If you have any ideas, leave ’em for us in the comments section below.


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