Salt Spout Mason Jar Hack that Will Make You Scream with Glee

Did you know you can hack your grocery store salt into a fancy looking mason jar salt pourer?  Yes, you can.  It’s the salt spout mason jar hack.  What the heck does that mean?  Oh, it just means you can pour all of your salt into a pretty mason jar and have your old salt container lid or spout act as the mason jar spout.

It’s ingenious in its simplicity.  And lord knows we need another mason jar project, right?  Pretty soon we’re going to be surrounded by mason jars like Laura Ingalls was surrounded by prairie.  You know what I’m saying?

Anyway, look how pretty this is?

salt spout mason jar

Doesn’t it make you want one?  Don’t you have a bunch of mason jars around?  You know you can buy like a dozen of ’em in a pack at the grocery store, right?  Well, let’s get started so we can find out just how to make this dazzling salt pourer of our own.  Keep in mind, it’s not really a salt shaker, unless you take enough sodium to supply a Lay’s factory.  Sorry, let’s get back to it…

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