Crazy Assed Shopkins Children’s Toy You Can Make Yourself

Well, when I hit play on this video, for a moment or two, I didn’t know what in the hell was happening. There’s a crazy, child-like Pee Wee Herman voice that weighs in every now and again, while a high-pitched female narrator leads us through the steps. There’s a lot of strange squeezing of “squishy” sponges and a lot of joy expressed upon the squeezing of said sponges. Whatever was / is going on, the sheer craziness of it all made me feel like I was listening to the soundtrack of my nervous breakdown.

Not so. Apparently, I am somewhat sane and this children’s toy DIY is a thing. Oh and it’s not just any children’s’ toy DIY, it’s a Shopkins children’s toy DIY.

So, what the heck is a Shopkins? Shopkins are little collectible items for girls based off of items you’d buy at the grocery store. There’s a toasty-toast (not his real name) and a “Peachy” and today’s DIY item, “Rita, the ruler”.

God help us all.

shopkins make your own

Anyway, what I like the most about this video is not so much that we’re making a Shopkins (I mean, I had to learn what a Shopkins is), but more that we’re going to make things out of sponges. Now THAT is a cool, DIY toy idea. You can make little figurines for kids out of sponges and some paint. Easy and they look pretty amazing!

Here’s how you do it. Oh and, if the narration makes your feel like you’re losing touch with reality, simply turn down your volume.

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