Smartphone Cover Made from Recycled CDs

Okay, clearly this is a commercial for Nokia, but made in the style of a good DIY video.  I have to mention, even though it’s sort of more of a dupe than a DIY, it’s also kind of brilliant.

It’s humorous, really fun to watch, ridiculous and informative.  It’s basically a really well done Youtube commercial imitating a DIY video where the host attempts to make a phone cover from recycled CDs.  I don’t know if the host has done any other videos like this, but she should because her style is totally enjoyable.

Watch as she tries to literally melt some old CDs into a phone case for her Nokia phone.  I’m not sure the end result is anything anyone would want to put around their phone, aesthetically speaking, but there is something charming about the attempt.  Oh and aesthetics aside, you’d have to put your new phone into a boiling hot melted CD mixture to make this happen, so I’d say DON’T.  But, watch anyway…well, just because it’s soooo entertaining and sooooo mock DIY.


Once you’re done taking in this crazy DIY phone case tutorial, go out and make something more gentle for your phone. For example, this adorable crochet phone case for Grannies or people who are younger, but enjoy Granny-like accessories.


Good god, what in the heck is this wild beast??!!

phone cover from recycled cds

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