Snog, Marry, Avoid

Well, the British have done it again.  They’ve created a makeover (makeunder?) show that you can watch in .3 seconds (or so it feels) and get all the regular satisfaction of the half hour version.  I tell you, I lived in Britain for a while and the Brits are really talented at making these quickie, low budget shows that you can watch ad nauseam.  The one I nearly drowned in was Come Dine with Me.  It’s like friends over for dinner, but with voting and hilarity and I loved it.

So, Snog, Marry, Avoid seems to take it one step further.  The show is all about the makeover and fixing one’s fashion.  They’ve stripped it down and made it quicker by getting rid of a pesky host and replacing him/ her with a robotic machine.  Oddly, it all really works.

They took this modern day Nancy, of Sid and Nancy -of course- and turned her into a British lady off for tea with the queen.  If the queen were to have tea in a saucy bordello, but never mind that!  The outfit is pure semantics.

snog marry avoid

The gold here is the rolling, “awwwwws” that come out of our former Nancy’s mouth as half the public says they want to shag her.  It’s ridiculous and yet endearing, the way must-see TV is meant to be.


What about you?  Would you Snog, Marry or Avoid this Nancy?  (Nice of them to take ‘kill’ out of the title, eh?)


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