17 Top Facebook Pages for DIY, Crafts, Home Decor & More

There are a lot of great DIY sites out there and add to that, a lot of amazing Facebook pages for DIY, crafts, home decor, cooking, pretty much anything you can think of.  As we strive to be the premiere how to site here on the interwebs, (Hey, a blogger can dream…) we thought we should share some of our favorite finds across the platform that dominates nearly all of our time – Facebook.

So, with “sharing is caring” in mind, we bring to you 17 Top Facebook Pages for DIY & more!

#1 — The Crochet Crowd

I am so NOT into crochet.  I’m probably more into woodworking and building things.  Crafts maybe, more than actual needles that make things, but the Crochet Crowd makes me want to rethink that.  This is especially true when I see images like this entirely crocheted Minion…

crocheted minion

Or this yarn-tastic alien!

crocheted alien

Crochet Crowd has tons of followers (636k) on their FB page and a website of their own.  So, check-in and you may just find yourself knitting something.  Wait, are knitting and crocheting the same thing?  Someone untangle my mental yarn, please.

#2 — CraftingGeek

Remember all those teenage girls who used to bling the crap out of their notebooks and phones?  That’s CraftingGeek, but with real artistic talent.  She makes vintage agendas, things with washi tape, super cool light switches like this one, below.

light dark light switch cover

CraftingGeek talks in a sort of Spanglish, which might be harder for English-only speakers, but the projects are so fun to look at that you won’t care.  It’s part of what’s so great about crafting and visual tutorials, just follow the steps and as long as you can see you should understand, regardless of the language.  Check out CraftingGeek.

#3 — Kreattiva is a another non-English Facebook page with such incredible crafts and tutorials.  If you don’t understand the text, simply hit Facebook’s translate button and you’ll be smiling in no time.  With great craft ideas like this one that turns old shirts into pillows (see below) or this adorable butterfly dessert (see below), Kreattiva is a site and a Facebook page you’re going to want to visit on the regular.  Hey, NEARLY 1M people can’t be wrong.

pillow cover old shirts

butterfly dessert

#4 — Craftsy is a site and a Facebook page that really runs the gamut.  There’s a post on “opening your own cake business, another on “succulent arrangements,” alongside various posts on knitting.  Just scroll through Craftsy’s feed and you’re going to want to hit that LIKE button.

#5 — HomeTipsWorld is a Facebook page with some seriously eclectic how tos.  There’s the post, “Hacks from 100 Years Ago,” another on “house cleaning tips,” and a third on the “early signs of Parkinson’s.”  I don’t know if HOMETIPSWORLD is part of a bigger conglomerate or what the deal is, but with a range like that and 1.1M LIKES it’s definitely worth checking them out.

#6 — Doityourself.com seems like a big site and its FB page is nearing 1M LIKES.  But, with great pieces like “How to Hide Kitchen Clutter” and “Child Proof Your Kitchen” it definitely seems like a page you should stay in contact with.

#7 — One of my favorite sites out there is Ikeahacker.  Every time I look at it, I can’t believe it was a site created and built by one person.  At times it can be a touch slow to load, which stinks because you’ll be dying to see some of the hacks they profile.  Basically, Ikeahacker takes Ikea stuff and makes it better.  For example, this at home music studio made to fit a tiny apartment.  Stay in touch with Ikeahacker, you’ll get amazing ideas.  Here’s their Facebook page where you can do so.

make your own music studio

#8 — A smaller Facebook page, but connected to a killer site is DIY DIVAS.  They are a mother and daughter crafting, DIY-ing duo and there stuff is super creative.  For example, these ‘gender reveal’ cookies are ingenious.  Follow them HERE.

gender reveal cookies

#9 — The DIY SHOW OFF features lovely home, garden and all around DIY projects.  You feel like you’re getting a sneak peek into her life and the ideas are totally pleasing and inspiring.  Follow HERE.

#10 — This Facebook page had me at “Crock Pot Freezer Meals”.  Any page that’s going to help you make your very busy life that easy is a win for me.  You can follow, DIYSWANK by clicking HERE.

crock pot freezer meals

#11 — Gardenista is a site and Facebook page are led by an ex New York Times columnist and the quality follows as such.  You’ll find lists on colorful doormats, organic gardening and everything you ever wanted to know about decks.  You can follow HERE.

#12 — Remodelista, strangely enough, doesn’t seem to be the sister site of Gardenista.  Nonetheless, it’s a great site and if you can’t stop watching HGTV renovation shows then you’ll love it.  Follow HERE.

#13 — Remodelaholic is a Facebook page and site that claims it will help you “take your house from builder grade to beautiful on a budget”.  Now, who doesn’t want to be a part of that.  It looks like the remodelaholic family does a lot of the work themselves and seem to be pretty knowledgeable.  Plus, their page is packed with great, must-sees like these “kitchen seating” ideas.  Follow HERE.

kitchen seating ideas

#14 — Tenlist seems like a local attempt at creating an Angie’s List and that’s why I’m including them.  They need some pictures on their page besides just text, but looks like a decent way to find contractors if you’re in their area.

#15 — I love a good upcycle and so does Salvaged Inspirations.  Through thrift store and flea market finds the project begins, but the beauty is all the amazing tips passed on along the way.  For example, SI posed this question to her community: What do you use to paint your brass handles?  And even the first answer was informative — chalk paint with a coat of poly to stop it from chipping.  Follow Salvaged Inspirations HERE.

painting furniture hardware

#16 — Refunkmyjunk is another great Facebook page and site that features upcycling.  The images are inspiring and the tips are super helpful.  I mean, just look at this credenza.  Me want one now!  Follow REFUNK HERE.

credenza upcycle

#17 — Favecrafts features a lot of crocheting and crafting, alongside a great sense of humor.  That’s what we try to do at howtominute also (well, at least the sense of humor part) so we can relate.  Check out Favecrafts for not-so-run-of-the-mill crochet projects and more.  You’ll be glad you did.

eating paste

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