Make a Whistle Out of Bottle Caps

King of Random calls this the, “bottle cap party whistle”.  Fair enough.  It’s basically a whistle made out of an aluminum can, bottle caps and a soda can, pull tab.

The King makes the whole, whistle out of bottle caps project with lightning speed.  Attaching the bottle caps to the sides with a glue gun, I get that part.  That seems pretty straight forward.

bottle cap party whistle

But, the key loop area made with a strip of aluminum can?  That seems a bit tougher.  There seems to be a flappy bit left down at the bottom there and then there’s the horizontal bit that you lay over the longer, to-be-looped, vertical piece.  But, that’s about all I can make out.  Suffice it to say, I’m going to have to try and make this one myself to figure it out.

Loopy bit in question —

bottle cap whistle

Other than that, this is without a doubt a fun, party favor you can try making for your next event with friends and family.  It might also be something fun to have the kids try and do.  Just mind the glue gun, of course.

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