5 Wallets From the Future Reviewed

So, I love a gadget. Especially, an everyday item either made into a gadget and thus, improved or something made to help you find your everyday things. For example, I love the keysmart and the tile. So, when I saw these “5 Wallets from the future” I was intrigued.

Let’s start with the best, first —

The aviador is an effin’ thing of beauty. It reminds me of the WORLD’S BEST TRAVEL JACKET, which garnered a record breaking amount of kickstarter funding and you can see why by clicking here.

The aviador contains a tracking device so you can find your wallet when you misplace it, a “panic button,” which functions like a “find my iphone” if your wallet gets stolen, an automatic payment button, a key fob, a usb drive/ memory card, AND-and, the design is beautiful, a mix of both leather and metal.

aviador wallet

I mean, look at this thing. It’s sleek and handsome AND there’s a place to hold your cash. Maybe a place to hold your cash seems like a must-have for a wallet, but as you will see from the others profiled here, not so much. So, the fact that the aviador has that is a definite bonus.

aviador tracking wallet

And here’s where that handy usb gets stored —

aviador memory card

So, how much does this baby cost? It’s fairly reasonable for what’s included and it looks like the first shipment just went out. Find out the exact price, here.

Now on to the bad wallets.

There’s this one that I call the Blackjack wallet and rightly so, since their entire promo seems to have been shot on a casino table.

kepelro wallet

It has a sleek look, I suppose, but there’s no place for your cash. Each credit card is magnetized to the other, which feels like a bad idea to me and after looking at the aviador, it just feels like ‘wah, wah’ what does the thing do? How is it special?

Then there’s the sapling, which is -of course- made out of wood.

sapling wallet

I have nothing against a wood wallet. In fact, I have a beautiful, monogrammed, hand crafted wood business card holder -that I love- which I bought on Etsy. It’s fantastic, that thing.

But, the sapling wallet is two pieces of wood held together by an elastic band and while somewhat elegant, if feels like something your crafty, woodworking friend would make and not necessarily something you’d carry yourself. So, I’m going to say no.

For last, I’ve saved the best and I don’t mean best in terms of “let me run out and buy this”. I mean best in terms of a more, “what the eff is happening here” type sentiment. It’s the cascade wallet. The wallet is built to be a firewall against identity theft and truly, it does look like a phone or a phone case. The look is not bad. It’s where the promotional video suddenly and -almost out of nowhere- turns into performance art that is the must see.

cascade wallet

Honestly, you may not believe your eyes, but the crazy is so delicious, you won’t be able to stop watching. It’s the last video in the series below and you’ll know it’s coming from the “and now the fun begins” warning. Make sure to wait for it. It’s worth it.


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