It’s the $9M Baubax Travel Jacket and Yes, I’m Buying It

A $9M travel jacket? Oh, yes. It exists and we’re going to tell you about it (AGAIN!) right here. A month or so ago we profiled this REALLY AMAZING TRAVEL JACKET.

The hood inflates into a neck pillow. There’s a special place for your ipod headphones. There’s a passport pocket, a drink koozie, a slot for your ipad, a spot for your eyeglasses, a pen and stylus that comes right outta the hood string and a place for your phone. The jacket is not just a jacket. It’s Mission Impossible.

baubax travel jacket

So, as the digital story goes…the fellow who came up with the jacket, rolled out the website a while back and the travel jacket video (below) that went pretty viral.


He puts the video on kickstarter, along with his plan and secured manufacturers. He asks for $20k. HE GETS $9M.

It’s such a great example of a product idea that is exceptional and well thought out digital. I mean look at the Baubax jacket website! There are gifs on there!!

I don’t know about you, but I’m putting my order in! Just need to put in my Keysmart order too and I’ll be the tech ninja I’ve always wanted to be. The baubax TRAVEL JACKET has ARRIVED and it has arrived like a Sumo jumping into a swimming pool.

sumo jumping into pool

via reddit

9 million dollar travel jacket


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