How Cuba’s Internet, Isn’t the Internet at All

There is bordering on zero internet in Cuba due to censorship and communism.  Will all of that change with the embargo lifted?  Most likely, but right now this is Cuba’s Netflix, Hulu and Spotify and all without the internet.  It’s called “El Paquete” and basically, it IS Cuba’s internet.

The jist: there’s a super-strong piracy, bootlegging operation going on, country-wide, in Cuba.  I’ve known about this for sometime, but Vox does an exceptional job of breaking it all down.  Some information/ data folks in the U.S. load up TV, movies, websites, etc, on to a drive until they hit 1 terabyte and then that terabyte of info gets passed around Cuba.  You can take parts of the packet (“El Paquete”) or the whole thing for varying prices.

cuba's internet

This incredible internet without the internet, “business model” is pretty much run by one, 26 year old who -oddly- had no qualms about being videotaped for this short film.  The whole system is a fascinating look at how the demand for information will get fed even if it has to go underground to do it.

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