DIY Anti-Stress Balls Win For Least Stressful DIY Project

Forget everyday life. DIY projects themselves can be stressful. Think of all the equipment you have to buy and the prep you have to do. There are levels of difficulty. For example, putting in a new patio deck = difficult. Thankfully, DIY Anti-stress balls = easy.

I looked it up and actual anti-stress balls sell for a whopping 35 cents. So, it won’t break your bank if you were to buy a squeeze stress ball online, BUT you also won’t get the satisfaction of making one with your kids.

diy project for kids

Yep, I’d put this super easy anti-stress ball DIY up there with the lava lamp DIY as best weekend project to do with your little ones. It’s easy, not too messy and you’ll get a nice result every time. (Seriously, all your need is flour and a couple of balloons.) Plus, you can put one on your desk and remind yourself of family fun time when work stresses you out. Isn’t that the purpose of an anti-stress ball after all?


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