DIY Pen Made With Plywood and Shrinkable Rubber

I love a creator who is half artist, half inventor, half DIY innovator. We’ve got that here with the DIY pen project. What happens?

A pen gets totally taken apart and then rebuilt using a “plywood skeleton” and shrinkable rubber.

DIY pen

It’s both stunning and useful.

My guess is you need some product engineering skills to get this one off the ground, but the end result is worth watching a DIY that’s probably above most of our pay grades.

Hey, there’s only one way to strive for greatness. Watch other greats and try to emulate them.

Let this DIY pen project be your inspriation.

DIY Pen from FRASER ROSS on Vimeo.


If you go back to school with one of these suckers, be prepared to become one of the cool kids. Seriously.


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