DIY Smoke Ring Launcher

Back in the old days, people made smoke rings the inefficient, Hollywood, cancerous way. You know what I mean.  Full of style and only lived until 40.  Sigh.

Yeah it was cool, sure. But, who wants that pesky smoking habit nowadays. So, let’s stick with a wonderfully dorky project you can accomplish as an adult or a kid to create the same effect without all that lung tar.

To make a smoke ring launcher gun, all you need are an old water bottle (cut the end off), a balloon, something to use as your gun handle and some incense sticks. That’s it.

smoke ring launcher

You fill the water bottle with the smoke from an incense stick. Then you’re going to lightly “pop” the back of that taut balloon to create your rings. Wah-la! Mega smoke rings. Mega style.  None of the smoking side effects.  It’s a simple and satisfying DIY.

Watch the video for an even more detailed explanation.


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