Flower Arranging for the Noob

You get a wonderful bouquet of flowers. Now, what to do with them? You’re just not a flower arranger. You have two thumbs that are the opposite of green and flower arranging is not what you do. Plus, you don’t really have a vase that works. Yet, you want to avoid what I call the FLOPPY JOES.


flower arrangement

What you really want is this —

flower arranging trick

“Hi, I’m perfection.”

Well, here’s a super easy flower arranging trick to get this done. All you do is create a lattice with scotch tape at the mouth of the vase and then stick the flowers in between. That’s it. Magic!

floral arrangement

So, if you want the next person that comes over your house to think that you’ve picked up floral arranging as a side hobby, try this out. (Pssst, you won’t even need to take a flower arranging class!) You can learn what to do very quickly by watching the video below.


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