How to Sing Happy Birthday Without Singing Happy Birthday

Did you know that it was once (2 days ago) against copyright law to sing Happy Birthday in a video without paying out $10,000? Yep, it was protected by copyright and it surely made one estate very, VERY rich. Do you know how hard it is to express a life milestone or truly tell a story about human growth without ever singing the Happy Birthday song?

hilarious happy birthday cake gif

It’s difficult. Very difficult and the alternatives just may leave you feeling cheated or like you’ve entered an alternate reality.

Just look at these examples of how to sing Happy Birthday without singing Happy Birthday as told by famous moments in television and film.

The good news is — NO MORE — a federal judge has now ruled that the Happy Birthday song is no longer protected under copyright. Now, it seems, Happy Birthday just might live where it should be…in the PUBLIC DOMAIN. So, have at it and sing it the right way.

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