How To Learn Anything

Today’s video is about a wonderful prodigy from Sierra Leone.  His “focused” approach can teach YOU how to learn anything. His name is Kelvin and he ends up spending 3 weeks as an invited guest at MIT due to his incredible electronics builds.  What’s astounding about Kevin’s DIY inventions is that they are made out of items found in the trash.  In Sierra Leone, the lights only come on about once per week.  So, Kelvin made a homemade battery to power the lights in people’s homes.

homemade battery

On top of that, he has made his own radio station.  Next, he made a generator.  Why?  To power the homemade radio station and that’s the key point of all of this.  Typically, the best way to learn is out necessity.  Try to solve a problem that you really, REALLY want to solve and you can pretty much teach yourself anything.  That’s the gift that humans have.

Kelvin is known as “DJ Focus” in his community because he believes that if you focus, you can build the perfect invention.

The world needs more Kelvins.

To follow the first video, I’m including one of the best videos on how to motivate yourself to code.  Again, the emphasis is learning out of a need to solve a problem.  This is how you can learn just about anything and accomplish things that are truly hard.



What’s the hardest thing you’ve ever taught yourself?  Tell us about it in the comments section.


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