IPad and Velcro, A Marriage Made in Heaven?

Here’s a little DIY experimentation video where a fellow takes an ipad and some velcro and he goes mad, just mad. He sticks the velcro everywhere and then adheres the ipad to that velcro. It’s wacky, I tell you.  So, let’s really delve into this ipad and velcro marriage.

Now, some of these ideas I wouldn’t really recommend. Like the velcroed ipad on the motorcycle, that really feels like an accident waiting to happen. Plus, if you did get into a horrible bike accident, would you really want your ipad taking a photo of you at the last minute? I’m going to say no.

ipad on motorcycle

This is creative walk through the world of velcro and ipads does open up your mind as to where you can take a tv, which is really what the ipad is once it’s velcroed everywhere. It acts more as a tv or display. For example, you’re not going to do a lot of internet browsing if you’re ipad is stuck to the ceiling, are you?

It’s great for mocking (or mimicking) all those great Youtube cooking videos, for sure.

youtube cooking videos

The biggest downside I can see is the big swaths of velcro tape you’ll be leaving all over your house, once you rip off your ipad to take it somewhere else.

Exhibit A —

velcro tape

So, would you object to this marriage or is it something you’d try? Watch the full video below and then tell us your thoughts.

iPad + Velcro from Jesse Rosten on Vimeo.

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