Makers and Shakers, The Best DIY Show on the Web

What if The View was hosted by one dude and all he talked about were tools?  Well, then it would be, “Makers and Shakers.”  It’s the first DIY show I’ve seen of merit.  Granted, it’s not a chat show, more of a talking head, one guy and a monologue straight to camera, but -still- it works.

As the host, Dan, sips on a mudslide, he tells us about the cool, coffee table he made.  I mean check this thing out, it’s got an extendable (right towards your face hole) coffee table top, so you can eat while watching TV without curling over like Gollum.

Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 5.56.13 AM

He then profiles other “Makers” from around Youtube and the cool things they’re doing.

There’s the guy who made this insane, fan, sun dial clock out of one piece of wood.

wall art clock

He features, Jimmy Diresta (who I’ve profiled HERE before) and his awesome, man cave, coffee table.  I swear, Diresta builds the way Jamie Oliver cooks — chunky, bullish and awesome.

diresta coffee table

And there’s so much more on “Makers and Shakers.”  There’s even a relationship advice segment, which I thought was a ridiculous idea at first, but then it turned out totally fun.  It’s basically a bunch of guys who don’t want to leave their shops and it’s pretty funny.  Check out the full video below.


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