10 Amazing Plastic Bottle Upcycles

Today, we’re going to explore 10 Amazing Plastic Bottle Upcycle Hacks from one of my favorite Youtubers.  I’ve talked a bit, on here, about how plastic is often known in the recycling world as “Satan’s Resin”.  That’s because it never breaks down. It just sits in a landfill like a relative that overstays their welcome and won’t go away.

plastic landfill


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So, really anytime you can reuse a plastic bottler or -better yet- not use one, it’s a good thing.  But, the world goes on and plastic bottles will get used.  So, how can you get the most out of them before sending them off to their final (and forever) resting place.

Crazy Russian Hacker has some great ideas.

You can simply poke some holes in the top of the water bottle and let your dog have a drink fest without any mess or bringing along an extra bowl.

wate for your dog

For nighttime, party fun time, you can pour some water in an old water bottle and crack open some glow sticks.

glow sticks in water bottle

Now, what I love about Crazy Russian Hacker is that sometimes the ideas are just whack.  They make sense, but you’d never use them because the idea is just to impractical or silly.  BUT (and this is a big but), he is SO creative.  The ideas are always really interesting, inventive or amusing, even when they’re whack.  For example, this idea, to use more of the surface are of your sink when you’re washing your hands.  Silly hack, BUT CRH does make the valid point of, “Why don’t they make a longer sink faucet head when you have these round sinks?”

sink faucet hack

Now, here’s one where I thought, “what the hell is he doing” and then kinda liked it by the end.  It’s a way to make a dry pasta storage container once you’ve opened the box.

dry pasta storage

You can also cut out your own spoon.  If for some reason, you find yourself stuck in the woods with no spoon, a knife and a plastic bottle, why not make your own.  Could happen, right?

make your own spoon

This one, I really love.  It’s a way to make a ziploc, chip-clip type contraption out of the top of a water bottle.

how to seal a bag

You can also make this ingenious little mug with its own handle.

mug out of plastic bottle

Last, but not least this DIY sprinkler, which would make any dog go bananas.  Watch all of the Crazy Russian Hackers step by step, plastic bottle upcycles below.  I promise, you’ll enjoy yourself.

diy sprinkler


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