Skin a Watermelon and the Internet Goes Wild

What?  Skin a watermelon?  Yep, one guy took it upon himself to make a naked, baldy, smooth watermelon. Why in the heck would anyone do that?  Maybe he skinned his knee and thought to himself, “Hmmm, what a pinkish, awkward-looking thing.  What else can I make look all creepy like that?  I’ve got it.  Watermelon!”

We may never know the reasons why.  The only thing we do know is that once he DOES skin that watermelon the place in your brain that deals with both gross and fascinating is going to light up like a firefly.

skinned watermelon



Is this not the most insane thing you’ve ever seen?  Do you feel like the watermelon pill-pods are taking over America?  Well, you will now…

skin a watermelon

“What will you take next, watermelon? You are insatiable.”


It’s parts amusing, parts creepy and parts ingenious.  Just what the internet loves.  Check out the first video below and see what we mean.


But, that’s not all we’re going to leave you with.  This weekend is labor day and labor day means squeezing that last little bit of juice (maybe even watermelon juice) out of summer.  Honestly, it has been the summer of the watermelon. We’re floored by how many hacks and sculptures we’ve seen made out of these succulent gourds this year.  So, in honor of “The Summer of the Watermelon” we’re giving you 2 bonus watermelon videos that are also amazing in their own right.

Only one question remains, “Which watermelon wore it best?”  Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

There’s watermelon godzilla —


And last, but not least, the video that started it all…the watermelon smoothie hack —

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