If T-Shirt Folding Were an Art Form…

I like to think that I’m neat and organized, but then I see a drawer like the one below and I instantly feel like I need a lesson in t-shirt folding.

perfectly folded t-shirts

The GAP does t-shirt folding well. Maybe I’m just not meant to have closets like the GAP. Or maybe that’s part of the problem…I tend to hang my t-shirts? Is that wrong? Well, I do. When you work in a casual setting, the t-shirt and jeans becomes your uniform. So, why not give it the esteem of a well hung suit.

After all, Mark Zuckerberg wears the same grey t-shirt everyday…

mark zuckerberg t-shirt

Yes, it’s always grey in Mark’s world!

via businessinsider

Yep, every, single, day. Listen to his reason why.


So, if you’re going to go for nothing, but t-shirts, you should take care of them. Today’s video says the best t-shirt folding technique on earth requires one simple tool. This plastic t-shirt folder —

t-shirt folder

Watch the below, simple and easy video on how to get a t-shirt drawer any OCD patient would salivate over.  What about you?  Do you hang your tees or fold ’em?


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