Make Your Valentine A Cherry Tomato Heart

Are you having a tough time getting your shit together this Valentine’s Day?  Is it the 11th hour and do you find yourself watery eyed and giftless without a good something for your loved one?

Fear no more.  The cherry tomato heart is here.

Sure, making a cherry tomato heart and gifting it to your loved one is about a step away from gluing dried macaroni on to a plate during art therapy at the looney bin, but PAY THAT NO MIND!  It’s unimportant.  It’s the thought that counts.

And a cherry tomato heart is a sweet thought.  So, let’s get to it.

Here’s the step by step —

First, cut the top off.

cherry tomato heart

Next, cut the bottom half in half.

cherry tomato heart

Now, stick the two halves together.  OMG, this part is genius.  Hold on to your hats!!

cherry tomato heart

If that’s not stunning enough for you, you can up the difficulty by cutting off the tops of TWO cherry tomatoes.  Then stick those half together and then (can you hear the symphonic flourish?) adhere those two halves with a toothpick!!  A toothpick that will forever symbolize cupid’s arrow when you hand over this gift of love (or lunacy) to your favorite Valentine!

cherry tomato heart

Now, watch the whole thing and get to cutting out those sweet cherry tomato hearts.  Don’t worry, she’s not going to leave you over this…at least I don’t think!

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