The Best Cooking Show NOT On Television

Sometimes I think to myself, “Self, why didn’t you make that?”  The answer here would be, “because these two Australian broads are better than everybody at making a cooking show that’s not a cooking show.”  I’m not going to mince words here…it’s the best cooking show NOT on television that’s NOT a cooking show.  And, I think, they would find that to be a compliment.

Who are they?  Well, one is an “intolerable foodie,” the other a “food intolerant”.  If THAT doesn’t say it all right there than we don’t know what does.  Catch ’em while you can because they’re going to get a spot on the real telly right soon, if I know anything and the fact is…I do.  But, it sounds like it’s a telly show only in the UK/ Aussie area and therefore yanks can’t see it.  We also don’t say “telly,” but I suppose I’m just being “cheeky,” which is also something we don’t say.  Anyway, it’s funny to say things you’re not supposed to say.  That’s why cursing feels so good.

Check out the below video as the 2 Kates make non-Mexican and un-margaritas.  It’s the best time you’ll ever have NOT learning a thing about what to do in the kitchen.

Cheers.  (Sorry.)


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