Hair Pick. The Cooking Accessory You Never Knew You Needed.

Who knew you should be using a hair pick in the kitchen? Well, Dave Hax did. He uses one as the perfect slicing guide.

Want to make perfect onion rings?

Use the hair pick.

hair pick onion

Killer cucumber slices?

Hair pick.

hair pick kitchen accessory

Perfectly cut tomatoes? Hair pick.

tomato slicer

Lemons for that party you have coming up?

You guessed it…the hair pick.

lemon slicer

It reminds me of that scene from “The Cutting Edge”, where Moira Kelly foils her lead with the TOE PICK every time.  Toe pick, toe pick, toe pick…

Toe pick…hair pick! Both winners, it seems.

Watch the full video to find out how to use your hair pick as the best and cheapest kitchen accessory money can buy.

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