How To Make Egg Drop Soup

Egg drop soup is not only delicious, but low cal.  If you’re watching your weight or doing intermittent fasting, this is a great meal to have that satisfies without adding a massive amount of calories to your day.  It’s comfort food without the consequences.

It’s also super easy to make.  In the below video, “How to make egg drop soup” we’ll go through the details, but to summarize it requires the following ingredients —

– 4 cups chicken broth

– 1 tblsp cornstarch

– green onions/ scallions

– baby bella mushrooms

– asparagus (optional)

– fresh ginger

– soy sauce

– 3 eggs beaten

– salt and pepper

You can have this meal done and to the table in less than a half hour.  Watch the below video to get a full understanding of how to make this classic, healthy, homemade treat.


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